Creek Fire: Where to bring large animals, livestock displaced by wildfire

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Valley community is working together to evacuate and house any animals displaced by the Creek Fire.

At Clovis North High School, a startling picture shows hundreds of animals being sheltered.

"I would easily guess we're at 300 or 350," Jeannie Sa with the Central California Animal Disaster Team.

After utilizing every inch possible, they determined they needed more space. Moving animals into a second room and asking the community for crate donations.

"They're going to be moved in there, it's a lot more comfortable," said Sa. "The dogs will be able to space out a lot more they'll be cooler."

Blake Cadigan and a team of volunteers are working around the clock.

"We're trying to get as much livestock as possible," said Cadigon Owner of Evolution Quarter Horses. "Right now we're having a hard time getting into these mountain roads."

Evolution Quarter Horses spent the day rescuing livestock from the Creek Fire, navigating tight roads and small spaces to save animals that need their help.

"It's a lot of real small tight, tight spaces," added Cadigan. "We're trying to get these four-horse trailers or stock trailers and it's really hard."

So far, they've saved over 500 animals.

"I mean my trailers pretty much totaled," said Cadigan. "We're busting our equipment up, it's just really tough to get in and out of there."

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The group is asking for donations for fuel and supplies. You can donate at their GoFundMe page.

"Everything we do is for free, we don't charge anybody anything, this is all volunteer," said Cadigan. "We're using our own equipment, our own trucks."

Once animals are out, there are two locations in Fresno County for livestock and pets displaced by the fire. Smaller animals should be brought to Granite Ridge Intermediate, while larger animals should be taken to the Clovis Rodeo grounds.

Tollhouse evacuee Aline Paloma said she had only minutes to pack her house and get her animals out.

"We got the alert this morning for an evacuation order at 4:30, so we had to pack the animals up and travel forth," said Paloma.

Now while she finds shelter for her family, she knows her pets are safe.

"It really is peace of mind that there's service like this available because I didn't know what I was going to do," said Paloma.

In Madera, small animals can be dropped off at the Oakhurst Community Center, and large animals at the Coarsegold Rodeo grounds

"What we want to do is make sure these people don't risk their lives staying for their animals because they think they have nowhere to go," said Central California Animal Disaster Team President Naomi Tobias.

You can call the Central California Animal Disaster team hotline at 888-402-2238 for more info.

If you'd like to help, they're asking for cash donations. You can donate at their website.

Abby Pet Hospital opened their doors to dozens of dogs this morning posting a plea for donations on social media. They're asking for cash donations.

Click here for the latest stories, videos from the Creek Fire.
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