D'Arcy Carden wants you to let 'Cake' on FXX 'wash over you' in the form of 'Poorly Drawn Lines'

ByJennifer Matarese OTRC logo
Tuesday, November 30, 2021
D'Arcy Carden talks about playing 'Tanya' in 'Poorly Drawn Lines'
D'Arcy Carden talks about playing "Tanya" in "Poorly Drawn Lines" on FX's "Cake."

NEW YORK -- "Cake" on FXX is off-beat but full of entertaining and intriguing shows within this anthology series.

One of them is the very popular comic, now turned animation, "Poorly Drawn Lines."

It's the brainchild of artist Reza Farazmand.

FXX "Cake"

"'Poorly Drawn Lines' is like a really popular comic and it has tons of followers on Instagram and it's very much like the show," said D'Arcy Carden, the voice of "Tanya."

She's a human amongst mostly animal friends with human-like qualities.

"She has a job and she's the most successful, but she just wants to kick it with her boys," Carden said.

The characters may look cute and cuddly, but once you start watching you see they like to drink and they can get violent. It's not unusual for one to be found lying in a pool of blood only to be completely fine in the next episode.

FXX "Cake"

"It seems to be grounded in reality, but insane things will happen and nobody will bat an eye," Carden said.

The show is one of the most popular amongst those appearing on this fifth season of the anthology series "Cake." Carden hopes you'll give it a chance.

"Everything is so different with 'Cake' that you could not really describe it," she said. "I just have to say off-beat humor is a great way to describe it. It would be one of those shows where I would say, just give it a couple episodes. Like, just watch it, open mind, let it wash over you."

Carden is best known for playing "Janet" on "The Good Place." She says "Tanya" and "Janet" share some similarities, for instance, they are very likable but there's something else going on under the surface.

Meantime, Carden says while recording "Poorly Drawn Lines" kept her busy during the height of the pandemic she's still filming "Barry" and "A League of Their Own" the series.

"Poorly Drawn Lines" airs within "Cake" on Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FXX.

You can watch the full interview with D'Arcy Carden below:

Jennifer Matarese interviews D'Arcy Carden about voicing "Tanya" on "Poorly Drawn Lines" inside FXX's "Cake."