Chicago woman turns garden into giant altar for Day of the Dead

ByYukare Nakayama Localish logo
Wednesday, November 4, 2020
Woman turns garden into altar for Dia de los Muertos
A Chicago woman turned her garden into a giant altar in honor of Day of the Dead.

CHICAGO -- A Chicago resident turned her garden into a big alter for the Day of the Dead, and it's got hundreds coming to check it out.

Isabel Hernandez has been a Pilsen resident for over 30 years. Every year, she created a big alter, or ofrenda, to remember her loved ones who have passed away. This Mexican tradition happens Nov. 1-2.

Hernandez said she created the alter to show her community this wonderful tradition of keeping family members' memories alive. She also said it's her way of attempting to influence the younger generations to practice and pass down Mexican traditions.

"This is a celebration of life. We are honoring their lives. That is why we put on alters with all the food that they used to enjoy," Hernandez said.

She said with the help of her mother, it took Hernandez eight days to decorate her garden for Dia de los Muertos and Halloween.