'Dead is better:' Idaho man's Facebook page contained disturbing posts ahead of girlfriend's murder

IDAHO FALLS, ID -- The Facebook page of a 33-year-old Idaho man tipped off police in a murder investigation.

Officers arrested Philip Schwab on charges of first-degree murder after finding his girlfriend's body buried in her backyard flower bed.

Schwab's Facebook posts around the time Kaylynn Blue was missing helped officers build a case against him.

Investigators said in court documents that Schwab stabbed Blue in the neck while she was sleeping Sunday, June 23.

Days prior, he began making disturbing posts on his Facebook page.

  • "If stabbing people is wrong, I don't want to be right!"
  • "Dead is better."
  • "She deserved quicker"
  • "I like drawing it out"
  • "and I'm only using my hands..."
  • "Good thing I have a get-out-of-jail-free card"

Those phrases started Friday morning and lasted through the weekend, right up until police arrested him Monday morning.

Schwab is being held in jail without bond. He told a judge he planned to plead no contest to the charges.
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