Bay Area cave diving expert describes challenges in Thailand rescue

SAN FRANCISCO -- As more monsoon rains are expected, Thai authorities say the 12 boys stranded inside a cave and their coach will not be imminently rescued because they do not want to risk the boys' lives. On Friday, Bay Area tech leader Elon Musk joined the conversation of how to safely rescue the group, saying he might have a solution and is sending help.

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Thai officials say the 12 boys stranded inside the cave are strong enough to walk but can't swim safely yet. Divers have been teaching them diving and breathing techniques.

Mauritius Bell is a diving safety officer with San Francisco's California Academy of Sciences. He has extensive cave diving experience.

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"It's extremely challenging to train someone in those conditions to dive, let alone cave dive," said Bell.

Cave diving presents unique challenges.

"By virtue of the fact that you have an overhead above you, which means that you cannot ascend straight up if you want to exit the cave, you have to go back the way you entered," said Bell.

He went on to say, "It sounds like there are other options at play as far as coring down and then the Elon Musk solution."

Musk tweeted that he was sending employees from his companies SpaceX and Boring to see if they could help.

He also tweeted suggestions like inflatable tubes and pods to create an air tunnel passageway underwater.

"If Elon says it will work hopefully it will," said Bell.
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