Dog eats owner's passport, putting couple's Italy wedding in jeopardy

Monday, August 21, 2023
Dog eats owners passport putting Italy wedding in jeopardy
A golden retriever ate his owner's passport, putting a couple's Italy wedding in jeopardy.

BOSTON -- "My dog ate my homework" is one of the oldest excuses in the book, but "My dog ate my passport" may be a new one. That's exactly what one Massachusetts couple said happened and it is now threatening their chance to get married in Europe.

Donato Frattaroli, of South Boston, and his fiancee went to city hall to fill out the intention of marriage forms on Thursday, just over a week before they are set to fly out to Italy where the couple's wedding is scheduled for Aug. 31.

Hours after their visit to city hall, a nightmare unfolded at the couple's home when Chickie, short for Chicken Cutlet, the couple's 1-and-a-half-year-old golden retriever, chewed through multiple pages of Frattaroli's passport.

Frattaroli and his fiancee have now contacted state officials to help get them both to the altar in Italy in time.

"I'm just a little stressed," Frattaroli said Saturday. "Luckily, Congressman (Stephen) Lynch's office and Sen. (Ed) Markey's office have been super responsive. They've been in touch, at least with me and the State Department, to try to expedite things and get a new passport. Keep my fingers crossed and, hopefully, everything will work itself out."

The couple's flight to Italy is scheduled to depart Friday. Frattaroli said if he is unable to get his expedited passport before the flight, his fiancee and all of their wedding guests will travel to Italy without him. If the passport does not come in time for Frattaroli to make it in time for the wedding, he will welcome his fiancee and the wedding guests when they return to the United States.

Story first reported by WCVB in Boston.