Dog's owner buys Super Bowl ad to thank vet hospital that treated his cancer

America will soon be introduced to an inspirational golden retriever who beat cancer in a new Super Bowl ad.

Scout and his grateful owner are raising money for the team that saved his life.

When Scout was admitted to the University of Wisconsin's veterinary department last year, he was diagnosed with a rare cancer and given a 1% chance of survival.

The veterinarians were able to develop life-saving technology that removed almost all traces of cancer from Scout's body.

In return for saving his dog, Scout's owner, David MacNeil, CEO of WeatherTech, decided to fully fund a Super Bowl ad to promote the university's great work.

"I hope it has a positive impact on cancer for animals and people all over the world, and that's what this is all about," MacNeil said.

The University of Wisconsin said it hopes to create more life-saving cancer treatments with the funds raised from the ad.