Shelter dog went from no home to life as a champion

HOUSTON, Texas -- Steve and Judith Scholtes were looking for a therapy dog in 2017.

They had just lost their previous dog, Judith's father was ill, and they hoped to use their new dog Wolfe as a trained therapy dog.

Wolfe had other plans.

It became quickly apparent that he was a little too rambunctious to be a therapy dog, so someone suggested he should take a shot at dock diving.

Dock diving is a sport where a dog runs down a dock and jumps into a 40 foot pool. Their distance is measured by the location where their body hits the water.

Wolfe was a natural.

He went to the American Kennel Club National Championship in 2019, and is currently training to return to nationals in 2021.

As for being a therapy dog it turns out he's pretty good at that, too.