Running Club expands in downtown Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A running community is growing in downtown Fresno.

Rain or shine, runners with the 9372 Running Club hit the payment to explore downtown.

"Some of the best things I think people enjoy about coming down here and running is the public art, definitely lots of stairs, parking garages," said club founder, Floyd Sanchez. "Fun little challenges you're able to work on that you really can't do anywhere else in town."

Sanchez started the group and reignited the club this year. It's grown to more than a dozen members including Fresno native Kendra Lopez, who moved back home from LA.

"I remember riding the city FAX here, walking around the Fulton Mall and now that I'm running it, I'm like, wow, how incredible is it to run these bridges to see all of the shops that have closed but also to see the new shops that have opened. There's so much more appreciation," Lopez said.

They've grown through and social media sites like Instagram.
They meet on Sundays at 8 a.m. and turn heads as they pace through the street.

"It's a beautiful meetup. We have families. We get children, we have dogs. Everyone in the community comes together and runs together and get better together whether you're a novice or expert," said Eddie Wutangsy of Fresno.

The group shows off the history and art of downtown Fresno and gives people a chance to see it up close.

They have checkpoints along the way to keep the group together.

"You're really soaking in what it means to be downtown when you go running," Sanchez said.

They say the 9372 club is creating community one step at a time.

For now 9372 Running Club meets on Sundays but they have plans to add night runs and other events in the future.
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