Anti-package theft system developed in Fresno working to stop porch pirates

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- It is a problem in the Central Valley and across the country. Thieves stealing packages from peoples doorsteps. According to one industry estimate, 31 percent of consumers have been victims. One local tech company says they have a solution and soon it'll be on route for delivery.

It is called the eDOR. It was developed in Fresno by company Strategic Innovations. Chief Designer Royce Newcomb says he came up with the idea 5 years ago.

"It eliminates the entire possibility of package theft, by putting it in a secure environment where it is easy for the consumer to retrieve it," said Newcomb.

Each door has a camera system and can be outfitted with multiple eBOXs. Each one can serve a different purpose. You can store dry cleaning, packages, and virtually any item. The eBOX opens with an eKEY, they are kept on electronic devices like cell phones.

"Anytime an order is sent out and they have an eDOR or eBOX then it automatically has an eKEY," said Newcomb.

When the eKEY is in range the eBOX unlocks and then expands. After it's closed it can only be opened from inside.

"It has sensors that check to make sure that there is nothing inside and then it automatically closes," said Newcomb.

They also have high-security eBOXs for sensitive items like medications. These include fingerprint scanners. If an item is too big to fit in the eBOX it can be attached to an eTETHER.

"If that package is touched or moved in any way the audible and visual alarm go off, but it also captures their cellphone," said Newcomb.

They also have high-security eBOXs for sensitive items like medications, that include fingerprint scanners. It's all still in the prototype stage. The goal is to have the eDOR in production by March of 2019. They're also hoping to partner up with big online retailers like Amazon.

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