Central Unified Students honored veterans

FRESNO, Calif (KFSN) -- A group of Central Unified Students honored veterans, while getting a new perspective on history. The Fresno Elks Lodge held a banquet for the premiere of a video, where local high school students interviewed Vietnam veterans.

A simple assignment for Pershing Continuation High School students. Interview Vietnam veterans and hear their stories.

"It's one thing to read it from a book. It's another thing to having met the person hear them tell their story," said Principal Nick Hustedde of Pershing Continuation High School.

The students listened and learned. They took in personal accounts from veterans -- many of whom hadn't talked about the war before this project.

"Our young men and young students don't really know what we've gone through and what the things that we've done to serve our country," said Vietnam War veteran Bob Sandoval. He and Marty Hernandez had little in common before the project but now an unspoken respect lingers between them.

"It kind of you know gave me chills and I thought it was really cool and interesting," said high school senior Hernandez.

The videos were made possible through a grant by the Elks National Foundation. And the students were hand-picked for this project for a reason.

"We chose a continuation high school because we know some of those students have had some kind of challenge in their life, that's why they're there. And if they meet a Vietnam vet perhaps it will make them grow," said Fresno Elks Lodge grant writer Susan Good.

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