Central Valley student writes children's book on climate change

A Central Valley student wants to educate future generations about the importance of taking care of our planet, so he's putting it all down on paper.

Having grown up with asthma, Arjan Batth knows firsthand the damaging effects of air pollution.

"Living in the Central Valley, we're known to have bad air quality and bad air pollution so I saw that firsthand my entire life," said Batth.

As a young adult, Batth became very passionate about the environment and finally decided to write a children's book about the topic. So he got to work writing his first book "Dear Humans... A Cloud Pleading for Humanities Attention on Climate Change".

A close friend helped him illustrate the piece. The book is narrated from a cloud's perspective.

"It's basically what he observes in how we live and how he's disappointed in what we're doing," said Batth.

Batth says he hopes students who read the book will see what a difference they can make through simple changes.

"It's an issue that's preventable and my asthma was most likely preventable," said Batth. "It shows that if people did care to make a difference maybe we could live better lives."

"It's amazing to see what he went through as a child, because he did have bad asthma from a young age," said his mom Manjit Batth. "Now that we wants to help younger kids, this is just everyday things they can do to help the environment."

The book is available on Barnes and Noble and Amazon. All proceeds from the book will be donated to help fight climate change.

They're having a socially distant book signing next Saturday, July 25th at the Mercantile in Kingsburg, California.
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