Clovis Community College #1 in California for students transferring to UC, CSU

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- One Valley school is setting a new standard for transfer students across California.

Clovis Community College students are setting goals from day one.

"When I started my first semester, I knew exactly what I would be taking for the next two years," said former Clovis Community College student Mckay Duran.

For schools of their size, Clovis Community is the number one college in the state for the number of students that transfer to a UC or a CSU.

Mckay Duran is one of those students.

"That really made it a lot easier to keep my sights on my goals and dreams of transferring," Duran said. "Because it wasn't what I heard about community college and staying longer, no it's two years, get those units, get those credits and get to Fresno State or wherever you want to go."

After two years at Clovis Community, Duran transferred to Fresno State last fall and is currently a Political Science student.

"Meeting with counselors, they're always focused on getting you to where you want to be and for me, that was transferring," Duran said.

"Our students come here with the goal of transferring, and our faculty and our support staff are absolutely dedicated to giving them the support system they need, said Clovis Community College President Lori Bennett.

Administrators are planning to keep it that way, setting every student up for success regardless of their background. Clovis Community College is also number one for the number of Associate degrees earned for transfers.
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