Leaders at Kerman High School taking action after a series of fights during first week of school

KERMAN, Calif. (KFSN) -- Four fights among freshman girls.

The conflicts took place during the first week of class at Kerman High School, and Principal Pam Sellick said those involved will face consequences and will get any help they need.

"It is just some kind of a fluke, some issues they had growing up together. It is a small town, so a lot of them went to elementary school together, they came from the middle school and sometimes they have unresolved issues they haven't settled yet," said Sellick.

Kerman Unified School District ensures students a safe learning environment and expects their students to be responsible citizens at school, home and in the community.

The district's superintendent says the series of fights is very unusual; he hears a lot of positive feedback about the behavior of students from local businesses.

"They basically say things like your kids are well behaved or respectful. So this kind of behavior really makes our school, the high school look bad," said Robert Frausto, Kerman Unified Superintendent.

Tuesday school administrators, teachers, and counselors met with all Kerman High School students to address the issue but had a separate meeting specifically for girls in the freshman class.

"Part of the discussion too with the freshman girls is to make sure that they feel safe and if they don't obviously they can intervene with our counselors or psychologists or whoever they need to talk to," said Frausto.

In addition to making them aware the help available on campus, school leaders heard from the ninth grade girls. Administrators wanted to know how to help and prevent any further conflict.

"Students came up with really good ideas about how they could resolve it; one was just to let it go, another was talk to somebody, so they came up with some strategies as well on how to deal with it other than getting into a fight," said Sellick.
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