Malloch Elementary unveils new kindness garden

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Students at one northwest Fresno school are spreading kindness in a very big way.

At Malloch Elementary they have created a kindness garden and this special space is designed to bloom now and for years to come.

"Really what it boiled down to is what the kids wanted," explained 5th-grade teacher Megan Weber.

It all started several years ago with an empty cement space that the students wanted to transform into something more.

"This area before no one walked over here, no one was over here," added Weber.

After some serious collaboration between teachers and students, the kids got busy transforming the space.

"We had to glue the rocks on and paint them and put the umbrellas up," said 6th grader Sasha Smith, "Which we do that every morning and take them down after."

Students and teachers worked together on the space, turning it into an area where students can practice kindness all year long.

"We wanted to keep it going," said Weber, "not just what is kindness at the beginning of the year, but trickle kindness through the rest of the school year."

Students say it's also not a bad way to beat the heat.

"It's pretty cool because they have all the umbrellas and it's not hot so you can just sit with your friends," said 6th grader Lucy Marashia.
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