National University in Fresno offering new Doctoral Nurse Anesthesia Program

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National University in Fresno offering new Doctoral Nurse Anesthesia Program

At National University in Fresno, medical healthcare professionals of the future are being molded.

Some are even being taught what they won't learn anywhere else in the Central Valley.

The private university is one of only five places in all of California to offer a Doctoral Nurse Anesthesia Program. Program Director Dr. Bryan Tune said they launched it in response to the increasing demand for more advanced practice nurses.

"As a new doctoral graduate myself, coming out of school, I thought - 'why, why are we not training our best and most talented and keeping them here in the Central Valley?'" said Tune.

Nurses who enter the three-year program learn how to master anesthesia care delivery.

Saul Perez is working toward that goal. He has been at it for about two weeks now.

"It means everything, to be able to apply everything I have learned," he said. "From not only school but the experience I learned on the job to be able to apply myself furthering my foundation."

Anesthesia is not new to the private university. They have been teaching this practice for about 10 years now, through their now all-encompassing Nursing Anesthesia Program. Tune said it is helping keep talented medical professionals in the Valley.

"All of our graduates from the inception of the program to current have always been employed full-time and there has never been a need for them to look outside the state," he said.

Not everyone can get in. The qualifications are rigorous and the applicants are many.

Tune said about 120 people applied, but only 15 were admitted.

Matthew Shirts of Utah was one of the lucky ones.

"I am excited to be able to give back to a community that is not my native home, but is fast becoming a place I want to stay in," said Shirts.

Applicants can apply for the Doctoral Nurse Anesthesia Program at any time, but the university won't be doing another round of interviews until this summer.

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