Emma Stone, Greta Gerwig and more kick off the Palm Springs Intl. Film Festival as honorees

This year's biggest stars were out at the PSIFF Film Awards Gala.

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Friday, January 5, 2024
Emma Stone, Greta Gerwig kick off Palm Springs Intl. Film Festival
Emma Stone, Greta Gerwig, Billie Eilish and more were honored at the Palm Springs International Film Festival.

LOS ANGELES -- The Palm Springs International Film Festival 2024 kicked off with some of the biggest stars in attendance.

On The Red Carpet's George Pennacchio had a chance to speak with them about the year's biggest movies.

Emma Stone, who received the desert Palm Achievement Award for her work in Searchlight Pictures' "Poor Things" felt a little nervous accepting the award.

She joked around with him, saying, "I'm not a good public speaker. That's not really my- it's different than acting, you know? In fact, you probably, actually, are better at... this situation than I am. If you want to do it... That would be cool."

"It's very flattering to me that people have responded. I've gotten to meet some great people. I'm here for the ride," said "Oppenheimer" star Cillian Murphy.

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