Richard Jenkins 'honored' to be nominated for Oscar for 2nd time in career

LOS ANGELES -- As the final touches are being made for Sunday's Oscars, actor Richard Jenkins is basking in the Oscar spotlight for the second time in his career. He's nominated for his supporting role in "The Shape of Water."

Almost a decade ago, Jenkins wowed Oscar voters with a nomination for another movie.

Jenkins' performance in "The Visitor" sent him to the Oscars in 2009. Sean Penn would win that year for "Milk," but Jenkins' star would continue to rise with his roles remaining varied.

There's his comedic work in "Step Brothers," as a husband and father in "The Hollars" and as Senator Richard Russell in "LBJ."

At 70, Jenkins is, in a word, grateful for the career he's had.

"Yeah, especially at my age. You start to look back on your life and see how things happened, and you realize that luck has a big part in it. Luck is big," he said.

So is his talent. Oscar voters have selected him as one of the five best supporting Oscar nominees this year.

"I forgot I was in it when I watched it, I did! And all of a sudden, I popped up and I went, 'Oh, jeez.' I got lost in that movie. I've seen it seven times and it... I just... I love this film," Jenkins added.

Jenkins does not take his good fortune for granted.

"The last time I was nominated, I was complaining about something. My wife said, 'Look, stop complaining, if you're going to do this, enjoy it. If not, don't do it, but I can't believe you'd complain about it,' and she's right," Jenkins recalled. "It's an honor, and it's fantastic."