Atwater woman receives national attention with Christmas lights display

ATWATER, Calif. (KFSN) -- An electric meadow in the North Valley was so awe-inspiring it earned the $50,000 top prize on ABC's "Great Christmas Light Fight."

When Evelyn Quintero's home lights up the night, people can't believe their eyes.

Maria Vega said, "I think it will put Atwater on the map."

80,000 lights have helped Christmas meet the great outdoors - complete with deer, mountains and a waterfall.

Sylvia Gonzales said, "It's a work of art."

Evelyn never expected to make the show, let alone win the grand prize.

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She said, "I was in total shock. I just couldn't believe that they chose me. I'm just a little old great-grandma on a corner here."

Quintero picked out the corner lot at Crystal Drive and Travertine Way when her family moved here four years ago. She knew it'd be perfect for her decoration plans.

Kiley Stahlhut said, "I feel like I'm in a meadow and I feel like I'm out of this world. Like, amazed by these lights."

Quintero hand-painted all 8,000 flowers in the meadow. They're made out of icicle lights.

Gonzales said, "It's beautiful and I was told the pink flowers are in memory of her daughter, so I think that's very precious."

Quintero explained, "We had a daughter who passed away several years ago and her favorite color was pink so yes, I do have more pink flowers in memory of her."

It's a way of keeping Andrea close to her heart and Evelyn loved how people, especially kids, react to the display.

Alex Stahlhut said, "It's beautiful. Amazing."

Quintero was amazed at how quickly word has spread. Two Atwater women brought their friend - who just came in from Texas - to see the now-famous house.

She said, "I'm amazed at her skills and her imagination and that she even came up with the concept."

Evelyn Quintero wasn't seeking national fame. She just wanted to showcase her creativity.

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She said, "It was like showing your artwork at a New York gallery. That's what I was thinking.."
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