Exeter's water system to be shut off overnight

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The City of Exeter is warning residents the entire city water system is about to be shut off.

At 9 pm Friday the city's mains will start to go dry, and water service won't be restored until about 6 am Saturday.

Residents are encouraged to act now and start storing water for use during the outage. They are asked to consider how much water they may need for drinking, flushing toilets, handwashing, and cooling.

Also, make sure any appliances that use water and may start automatically are shut off as they may be damaged if left powered on.

Once water service is restored, residents will need to boil their water before consumption until further notice.

Exeter residents who need additional information, you can call the City Administrator's office at 559-592-4539.
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