Unique Native American exhibit opens at Three Rivers Historical Museum

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Wednesday, November 1, 2023
Native American exhibit opens at Three Rivers Historical Museum
A unique exhibit highlighting Native American History has opened in the South Valley.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Jennifer Malone was a big part in making the Native Voices Exhibit in the Three Rivers Historical Museum come to life.

It was a project that took over two years and $40,000 in funding.

Along the walls are stories detailed with pictures, artifacts, activities and audio experiences.

Malone says it's a dream come true to know that her Wukchumni culture, language, and traditions are in one place.

"I just feel so proud that we are able to share our story, to show our past," she said. "We have a lot of our baskets, our games, pictures of the children playing old-style games."

Malone's late mother is highlighted in the exhibit and when watching a video, people get to hear her story in her voice and her lifelong wish to pass on everything tied to her Wukchumni roots, especially the language.

Malone feels this space is a tribute to her mother.

"From me to her, just a big thank you because she has given us so much," she said.

She says completing the exhibit was an emotional journey. She invites anyone who drives by the museum on Sierra Drive to stop by.

"I hope people take away all the goodness we put out there," Malone said.

Lisa Monteiro with the Mineral King Preservation Society hopes locals will take the time to soak in the passion and history.

"It's inspiring to see the love that not only between a mother and a daughter, but the love for her culture and to be on the outskirts of that helping, has been a true honor," she said.

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