California family finds woman trapped in crashed car down 50-foot embankment

A Modesto woman was rescued after a family found her trapped in her car down a 50-foot embankment.

The Ward family happened to be driving along the road when they saw the vehicle. They said they first thought it was abandoned until they found the woman, who had been trapped for hours.

Jackson Warn, 16, called down to the vehicle, and a voice answered back.

The family said the woman inside the car told them she'd crashed and was knocked unconscious.

"I would imagine that being there for who knows how long, for hours... like, you get to the point that no one's going to find me and I'm just going to die down there," Jackson said.

The Wards called for help, and first responders were able to rescue the woman.

The family hopes to reunite with the woman once she recovers from her injuries.
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