Tom Hanks sends family unexpected vintage gift in time for holidays

A Massachusetts family received a pleasant holiday surprise from Tom Hanks after reaching out to the actor about one of his hobbies.

Nick de Peyster wrote to the Oscar-winning actor after watching the documentary "California Typewriter" with his family. In the movie, Hanks estimates that he owns 250 typewriters and close to "90 percent of them are in perfect working order."

Hanks said in the movie that he laments giving the old-fashion writing machines to friends only to see them collecting dust later.

De Peyster wrote a note to Hanks asking for a typewriter, promising his family would maintain the machine and use it. He also promised to pay it forward by giving another typewriter to another family.

After not hearing anything for nearly three months, the family believed their note was lost in the actor's busy life. Then on Dec. 16 the family was surprised to see a late '60s Olympia De Luxe typewriter in its original box delivered to their doorstep.

The top plate of the typewriter was signed by Hanks, and there was a signed and typewritten page entitled "Eleven reasons to use a typewriter" included in the package.

The family is grateful to have the vintage writing machine for the holiday season. They have already sent their first batch of post card-sized thank you notes for family and friends.

"It's going to change the way we see things," Julia de Peyster said of the gift. "I think that's what great artists want to do. It doesn't have to be Apollo 13. It can be as small as sending somebody a typewriter."
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