Glam Lab re-creates the most iconic fashion looks from Freeform's 'The Bold Type'

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Monday, June 7, 2021
Re-create iconic looks from Freeform's 'The Bold Type'
Glam Lab re-creates the most iconic looks from 'The Bold Type' including the very first episode to the final season

NEW YORK CITY -- In 2020, we all discovered new shows while stuck at home during the COVID-19 shutdown. Mine was "The Bold Type," and I binged the entire series in a matter of days.

As a young working woman climbing the corporate ladder in New York City, I found it easy to relate.

From the feminist characters to the fashion, it all felt so attainable while still being entertaining.

For the fifth and final season, "The Bold Type" deserves a proper goodbye and celebration. So, when Freeform asked for a Glam Lab collaboration episode, I couldn't resist!

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As an ode to Kat, Sutton, and Jane, I asked two of my best friends to join me for this one - Cristina and Emily - whom I work with regularly. Cris is president and founder of her own PR company, C Bee PR. She gives me all the latest beauty pitches for Glam Lab.

Emily is my other half at ABC, my partner in creative; together we are the dynamic duo known as ProducHERS.

As the show takes place in a trendy fashion magazine, the looks are on point. From designer brands to vintage accessories to ball gowns - oh, and Carson Kressley!

I chatted with this season's costume designer, Mandi Line, who broke down the inspiration behind the fashion of the final season.

"We're going out with a bang! They're all at their best self where we're at right now," said Mandi.

To really re-create the looks the right way, we needed another fashion expert. Blaire Walsh, the style director of Rent The Runway, was like our fashion angel sent from the heavens.

Based on Mandi's notes and a few photos, she replicated each look with Rent The Runway's access to more than 700 brands.

"I know every designer, every style that's on-site, so it comes pretty quick to me," said Blaire.

We went with a four-day rental - they also have eight-day rentals and subscription packages - and recreated the Scarlett fashion closet in the middle of my apartment.

Then, it was time to hit the subway - in our fancy ball gowns - of course, to re-create that iconic first scene of "The Bold Type!"

Check out this very special episode of Glam Lab that re-creates the show's best fashion moments and don't miss the final season of "The Bold Type," on Freeform and streaming on Hulu!

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