Ben & Jerry's unveils new binge-worthy flavor called 'Netflix & Chilll'd'

CHELSEA, Manhattan -- Ben & Jerry's has unveiled a new flavor of ice cream and it promises to be binge-worthy!

The new flavor called 'Netflix & Chilll'd,' in honor of the streaming giant, was unveiled in New York on Wednesday night.

This original promises to be a binge-worthy dessert with a double feature of pretzel swirls and brownies packed into peanut butter ice cream.

And for those who prefer to indulge in a non-dairy option, a version of the ice cream is made with an almond milk base and vegan ingredients making it a treat everyone can enjoy.

Ironically, the creamy concoction does not contain any of Netflix's trademark red color.

'Netflix & Chilll'd' ice cream will be available in pints around the globe, online and in Scoop Shops.
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