Rainbow Peanut Noodle

A delicious and nutritious recipe that features some Asian flare.
2 servings


- 4 oz Noodles
- 1 Chicken Breast (6 oz) (optional-did not include on air)

- 4 TB Smooth Peanut Butter
- 1 TB Minced Garlic
- 1 TB Honey
- tsp Grated Fresh Ginger
- 4 TB Water

- Chopped Red Bell Pepper
- cup Chopped Yellow Bell Pepper
- cup steamed Edamame (shelled)
- cup grated Carrots
- cup Grated purple Cabbage
- cup Rice Wine Vinegar
- 1 TB Honey

Rainbow Peanut Noodle Recipe

1. Bring 8 cups of water to a boil- prepare noodles. Drain & set aside in large pot.

2. Grill Chicken in Olive Oil. Cube and mix with Noodles. Reserve a few for plating.

3. Sauce: Blend all "sauce" ingredients in blender until smooth. Add water to thin as needed.

4. Add to the noodles and chicken, heat if needed.

5. In a Saucepan bring Rice Vinegar & Honey to a boil and cook to reduce.

6. Chop all veggies and place each chopped vegetable in a separate bowl. Pour Vinegar mixture on top to coat. Layer the Veggies in a cup: Red Pepper, carrot, yellow pepper, edamame, cabbage- press down to pack in. Place a plate on top and flip. Tap the bottom of cup and gently remove cup from vegetable forming a tower.

7. Add pasta/chicken around the veggie tower.

8. Garnish with crushed peanuts & Serve.

Rainbow Peanut Noodle Recipe

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