Fresno woman serves up cake with a spin

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- It is a cake in a jar.

"it is different, it is unique, it is cute," said Brandi Malone owner of BranSweeTreats.

For almost five years now Malone has been satisfying sweet tooths across the Valley in a creative and portable way.

She makes different desserts but is well recognized for her cakes in a jar.

"Everything is already made, it is just in a jar for you," she said. "You take the top off eat some and when you have had enough, save some for later."

She bakes the cakes in a pan and packs them inside jars. She makes 25 different varieties and her cake and frosting are all made from scratch.

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It's a cake in a jar. It's basically what dreams are made of.

All of it started with her grandmother's lemon cake recipe. Malone, who grew up in the foster care system, was finally trusted with it when she went away to college. Her aunt handed it to her.

"And she was like, wherever you go, you will be able to make some money off of this," said Malone.

She had to start small to get her name and product out. Slowly, over time, it grew.

"I would go to grocery stores, I would be in front of gas stations and just pop my trunk and I had a hand made a poster and would ask people if they wanted to try it," she said.

She is her own boss and a mother of three. Some nights she does not sleep, completing orders or in preparation of festivals. Moved to tears, Malone said her customers make it all worth it.

"It was hard in the beginning and to have people to say that your cakes are so delicious or I have been in Fresno all my life and this is the best cake I have ever had since I have been here, that is the highest compliment you could ever get," she said.

Each jar sells for $8 and she will deliver to your doorstep if you spend $20 or more. Currently, she is working on expanding. A food truck is in the works, which she hopes to have by the end of this year. Malone dreams of one day opening her own store.

You can contact her through social media at @branssweettreats.
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