Former serviceman held to answer for murder of stepfather

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A judge determined Thursday there is enough evidence to hold Kyle Holaday to answer to charges of murder and attempted murder.

During the hearing, Holaday only got emotional when his mother described what happened the day she, her husband, two friends, and a baby were shot in her Fresno County home last year.

"I went through a lot that night," said Carol Holaday. "I lost a lot that night. I thought my world was really over with that night."

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Carol Holaday was holding the baby when she heard what sounded like several pop sounds.

"The first thing that I noticed was like a noise, like a (pounds on counter) and then I heard a pop and I thought that it was a balloon," said Carol Holaday.

When it ended, she noticed her shoulder stinging. Her friends were also hurt.

Rachel Schindler described the sudden shooting. The smoke from the gun and then her bleeding baby.

"He had made eye contact and aimed the gun and then moved progressively in the order we were sitting," said Schindler.
60-year-old Jim Wilcoxon was cooking dinner for everyone in the kitchen when he was gunned down. He had recently moved to Fresno from San Diego when he married Carol.

Fresno County Sheriff's Sergeant Matt Hamilton described the first thing he noticed at the crime scene. "You could see down into the kitchen and could see a male lying on the floor motionless."

After the deadly shooting, deputies say Holaday ran from the home and was struck two blocks away while trying to get away.

Before Holaday left, his mother said he told her he was sorry and seemed scared.

"When I first looked at him, there was a kind of a, I don't know, trance look. Then his face softened," said Carol Holaday.

If convicted, Holaday could serve 191 years to life in prison.
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