Fresno City College holds virtual registration for incoming students

A Valley college is helping potential students navigate the enrollment process virtually.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Valley college is helping potential students navigate the enrollment process virtually.

Gone are the days when Fresno City College staff would visit local high schools to talk with potential students.

"I went to Central East High school which is a really big high school, so I remember the same counselors we have today, I remember them coming out and helping me through the process," said FCC student ambassador, Mandy Syal.

Syal is now a student ambassador at Fresno City College, assisting interested students in enrolling.

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced schools to shut their doors, Fresno City College staff realized they'd have to find a new way to reach out.

"We have such a high population of first-generation students, and sometimes they don't reach out to people, sometimes they don't know what questions to ask," said FCC Director of College Relations and Outreach, Emilee Slater.

The Fresno City College admissions team has now gone virtual hosting extreme registration online every Wednesday afternoon through August 5.

"A lot of the students I've helped through zoom have been able to adjust well," said Syal.

Instead of stepping inside a high school, they're reaching out to students through social media.

"We're using all of our social media platforms to reach out to them," said Syal. "Instagram is something that's really common."

Students needing assistance to enroll can get help with a single phone call. They'll receive help planning a schedule, registering for classes and even with financial aid.

"They can walk our students through the process one on one," said Slater. "We've been available on the phone, email."

If you're interested in enrolling or want more info on virtual extreme registration visit or call 559.442.8226 any Wednesday between 1:00-6:00 p.m.
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