Beating the heat: Ice cream, splash pads help Valley residents stay cool amid heat wave

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- As the heat cranks up, people around town are trying to stay cool.

It was not quite hot enough for cooling centers to open up in Fresno on Monday, but people found other ways to beat the heat.

The bucket that drops water at the Inspiration Park Splash Pad was a major attraction Monday. It tilted more and more before dumping water on kids anxiously waiting below.

Kids ran around enjoying the water as parents relaxed in the shade.

Some families were enjoying the park before noon, but already had plans to get back to air conditioning.

"Probably catch the morning nice and fresh and then hopefully by 12 get back in before 3 o'clock hits because it gets hotter," parent Joe Escobedo said.

Across the park, a group of cricket players were embracing the heat.

They said practicing in it prepares them for upcoming tournaments and they're taking plenty of precautions to stay safe.

"Sunscreen, obviously, plenty of water - there's some more than water there too, a little bit of electrolytes," said Baldev Birk.

Monday is the first day of the year Fresno is seeing temperatures in the triple digits.

"This is not usual. Normally for end of May, beginning of June, our high temperature is in the upper 80's. That's our average high," said ABC30 Meteorologist Madeline Evans.

And it's not just one day, our weather team has issued an Accuweather Alert because temperatures are forecast to be in the 100s through Thursday as high pressure builds and traps heat in the Valley.

ABC30 Meteorologist Madeline Evans says if you have to do physical activities outside, try to get them done in the morning.

"Just try to limit your time outside because long periods of time in the heat can cause heat exhaustion, heat stroke, those kinds of things," Evans said.

Some of those who chose to venture outside Monday headed straight to the ice cream shop.

"We love the ice cream here. We probably come like 3 to 4 times a month," said customer Nathan Martin.

The downtown Fresno Ampersand Ice Cream location was celebrating its sixth birthday and bracing for a wave of customers as temperatures spike.

"Every time it hits 105 we think it might slow down but we don't so people are ready to brave the heat for ice cream, which is great," said owner Amelia Bennett.

The cooling centers weren't open on Monday because they only open when the national weather service forecasts temperatures at 105 or above.

They are preparing to open them Tuesday because, as of now, that is the forecast.

Here's a list of cooling centers in the City of Fresno:

  • Frank H. Ball, 760 Mayor
  • Ted C. Wills Community Center, 770 N. San Pablo
  • Mosqueda Community Center, 4670 E. Butler
  • Pinedale Community Center, 7170 N. San Pablo

  • You can also find more information about Cooling Centers hours and rules by clicking here.

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