Empowering LatinX communities to get vaccinated through national campaign

FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- Concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine linger throughout Latinx communities in the Central Valley.

Dr. Trinidad Solis with the Fresno County Department of Public Health says, often people remain hesitant because of the myths they hear.

"And that's why it's really important to disseminate this information about the safety and ethics of the vaccine in a manner that is cultural and linguistically sensitive to reach the diverse groups in our county," said Dr. Trinidad Solis, public health physician with the Fresno County Health Department.

The National Hispanic Medical Association's VaccinateForAll campaign launched in March of this year.

Their goal is to empower and educate Latinx communities on all things COVID-19.

Officials with the Fresno County Department of Public Health said they take the campaign seriously and finds ways to make things simple for Latinx communities.

"We have teamed up with a lot of our ag employers and providing the vaccine at the workplace because we know a lot of our ag workers are primary Latinos. It's tough taking a day off work," said Dr. Solis.

Many undocumented Latinos fear their information will be released, but Dr. Solis says those are the kind of myths they like to clear up.

"I want to reassure the public that we protect the information of those vaccinated," said Dr. Solis, "We don't give it to an immigration agency. It's just very important that our Latino community understands that because the goal is to keep everyone safe."

Currently, in Fresno County, 42.3% of Latinos are vaccinated, but the goal is to inch closer to the 75% mark helping the state reach herd immunity.

"I really hope that over the next few weeks and months, to end this pandemic, that more people get vaccinated so we can move forward," said Dr. Solis.

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