City, police partner with low riders for peaceful cruising event in Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- With COVID-19 restrictions easing up, the City of Fresno and the Fresno Police Department have partnered with low rider car clubs to kick off a peaceful and family-friendly event Sunday, May 2.

"We're not out here to cause trouble. Nobody wants trouble. We don't want to hurt our cars or their cars or anybody," said Sal Cerillo, Vice President of Primos Car Club

Cerillo says the stigma towards low riders hasn't always been positive. Recent conversations with city leaders are helping bridge a gap in the community.

"It means the world to us because if you remember back in the 90s, there are signs still on Kings Canyon that say no cruising, " said Joseph Sepeda, event coordinator of Hot Fresno Nights.

"There is so much stigma associated with the low riders and cruising culture, and we are trying to break away from that," said City Council President Luis Chavez.

There will be a procession starting from Kings Canyon Road, ending at Chukchansi Park on Sunday evening.

"The procession will travel through Kings Canyon and Ventura, down to P Street and then westbound on Inyo, and it will end right across from Chuckansi Park. We are going to stage all the cars in the procession so people can go out there and have a good time," said Chavez.

An experience Jaime Perez, president of the Glide-In-Low Car Club, said will be bittersweet for those cruising their cars they work so hard on.

"It's bringing back a lot of memories. I was a teenager when they started cruise control, so we are trying to get that back and have a spot to show off our cars, " said Perez.

There will be ground rules for cruisers like no donuts, no burnouts, or sideshows, among others, but Sepeda says it's not about that.

"It's not about the sideshow, and there is nothing wrong with that culture, but this culture is about laying low, cruising, and being with family and showing the efforts of your hard work," said Sepeda.

He's hoping this is the beginning of a local tradition for everyone to enjoy and appreciates city leaders' support.

"For the city to make this a priority, it speaks volumes about their character and the direction of this city," said Sepeda.

The goal is for the event to become a regular one in Fresno, and we are currently working out the details.

For those planning to participate in the event, Chavez says CDC guidelines will be in place. The endpoint is on H and Inyo St.

There will also be awards in three categories: Best Classic Car, Best Truck, and Best Import.

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