Fresno EOC launches colorful Food Express Bus to feed children in need

It's bright, colorful and about to help feed thousands of children who are in need in Fresno.

"I think it is really cool and I like how the kids are going to go in there and not starve," said Lucy Marie of Fresno.

After more than a year of development, the Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission's eye-catching Food Express is ready to hit the streets.

"When school is out and kids don't have that opportunity for breakfast and lunch, the Food Express is going to come right up and take care of them," said Fresno County Superintendent of Schools Jim Yovino.

Five days a week during summer break, the bus will stop around South and Southwest Fresno providing kids and teens with nutritious meals. It will make two stops a day at five locations, once for breakfast and once for lunch, each about 20 minutes long. Youth social workers are also on board to help.

"We retrofit the entire inside which has an entire library, it has seating for kids," said Michelle Tutunjian with Fresno EOC.

Before EOC would go to the same stops, but they had to set up tables and canopies. Now, children can eat, read and socialize in a safe and air-conditioned environment.

"In 2017 we piloted the program without a bus and we reached about 4,000 kids during the summer," said Tutunjian.

The outside is just as inviting, with hand-drawn designs made by various young artist like Marie.

"I was trying to make fruit superheroes and I was saying eat healthy and not junk food," she said.

The bus will start making rounds this Monday until the last Friday before school starts. The goal is to reach 1,000 kids per week.
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