Victim describes the chaos on Highway 99 as DUI driver hits 14 cars, suspect already out of jail

Thursday, June 13, 2019
Victim describes the chaos on Highway 99 as DUI driver hits 14 cars
A man driving from Madera to Fresno on Highway 99 was arrested for DUI after he hit a total of 14 cars on Wednesday.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Cell phone video shows the frightening moments 50-year-old Satinerjit Singh Bali drove erratically from Madera to Fresno on State Route 99 Wednesday morning hitting a total of 14 cars.

California Highway Patrol says Bali was under the influence of drugs as he reached high speeds, crashing into people like Angelique Milam.

She was in the passenger seat of an SUV with her teenage daughter behind the wheel.

"It happened so fast," she said.

Milam told Action News they were in the fast lane near the Avenue 7 exit on State Route 99, when Bali pushed his way in between their car and another car.

"He just went between the lanes and tried to get through us but there was not enough space so he ended up locking with us, carrying us together," she said.

Thereckless behavior continued off the Shaw exit. That is where Bali eventually pulled over and got out of the vehicle.

But what he didn't know is that some of the people he hit followed him. Bystanders took a picture showing some of the victims holding Bali down until police arrived.

Good Samaritan holds down suspected DUI driver Satinerjit Singh Bali of Lathrop after he is suspected of hitting 14 cars on Highway 99 on Wednesday. (ABC30 Insider Donalld Kellogg)

"I didn't think twice about it. No idea what he was planning to after left the scene," said. "He was out to hurt people."

Now the man who went on a highway and road chasing will be chasing his fate in court.

Milam and her daughter both went to the hospital later Wednesday evening. Their injuries combined range from concussions, back spasms, and whiplash.

Milam says she is just happy her teenage daughter was able to take control of the situation while behind the wheel and save both of their lives.