Suspect in Fresno mass shooting faces judge for separate charges

Friday, January 3, 2020
Suspect in Fresno mass shooting faces judge for separate charges
Billy Xiong and other suspects are eligible for the death pentalty.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Billy Xiong stood in court next to his attorney in what will be the most minor offenses he's facing. Even though these are felony counts of identity theft related to stealing mail, he's expected to face charges Friday of homicide, attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder and gang and gun enhancements.

Xiong is one of seven answering for the mass shooting that injured 10 and killed four.

Gerald Schwab is representing Johnny Xiong, another defendant who is accused of driving a getaway car. Johnny and Billy are not related.

"I've met with him and the meeting went fine," Schwab said. "He's just scared. Johnny is a kid with no prior criminal history. He's young and he has not been in trouble before."

Johnny Xiong's home was one of the 19 warrants served by investigators on December 26. Schwab says a car was taken as evidence along with countless items including phones and computers that may help prosecutors prove he was involved.

Schwab said his client is not accused of being one of the two shooters, but he's trying to sort through whether his client helped plan the attack and exactly what role he played that night.

Police say all six defendants are members of the Mongolian Boys Society gang and plotted to attack a group watching a football game who they were told were members of the Asian crips. But officers say only one former Asian crip was at the home.