Me 'n' Ed's looks for hair flipping Fresno State fan caught on video to give free pizza

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Bulldog fans are celebrating Fresno State's 23 to 14 win against San Diego State this weekend -- and one fan showed his excitement in an *eye catching* way.

Today's Big Video features a man in the stands -- whipping his hair back and forth in celebration.

The video was shared by Twitter user Craig Kohlruss and the caption "This was the highlight of Fresno State's win for me."

The energetic show of support may come with some perks.

Me n Eds Pizza replied on Monday, "Twitter, find this guy and send him our way. We have a pizza for him!"

He was later identified as Chris Healy, a Fresno State graduate and owner of The Longhairs, which featured on Shark Tank.

Luckily Healy got his pizza!

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