'The Golden Bachelor' Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist marry on live TV during 'The Golden Wedding'

ByJennifer Matarese OTRC logo
Friday, January 5, 2024
It's Official: 'Golden Bachelor' couple Gerry and Theresa are married!
The "Golden" couple has made their relationship official and Gerry and Theresa are now married!

NEW YORK -- "The Golden Wedding" kicked off at La Quinta Resort and Club in Palm Springs, California with Jesse Palmer apologizing to his very pregnant wife, Emely, for being at the wedding and vowing to rush to her side if she goes into labor.

Charity Lawson and Kathy Swarts worked "The Golden Carpet" where "Bachelor Nation" royalty were arriving for the upcoming nuptials. Of note, Leslie was there in attendance. She said she was there to celebrate love, apparently despite her heartbreak. It's got to be a bit awkward for Gerry to see all of his exes on his wedding day.

Jesse caught up with Ellen who looked beautiful! She was wearing her diamond earrings from her date with Gerry and even said she had started dating again.

Theresa brought Gerry home for the holidays to her family's house in New Jersey and he wore a very ugly sweater. He wasn't alone! He brought his daughters and granddaughters with him. Gerry loves playing soccer with her grandsons. Gerry's daughter taught Theresa how to make their mom's cinnamon balls recipe! It's so sweet to see their families come together and share their traditions. Then, Theresa's daughter Jen's dog ate the leftover cinnamon balls! Gerry's daughter said that they love seeing their dad's smiles and happiness return. After dinner, they opened gifts and it seemed like they all really had a great time!

Kathy had Jenny and Angie with her on "The Golden Carpet" wearing their bridesmaid gowns which were a pleated mint green. They say they can't wait to see their dad see Theresa walk down the aisle. They say the wedding planning has been a lot, but seeing him see her will make it all worth it.

Leslie was next up on the carpet and she looked wonderful. Her time was interrupted by "Bachelor" Ben Higgins! It's so fun to see everyone from past seasons. Behind Jesse, I spotted Kaitlyn Bristow and Tayshia.

Trista and Ryan were there with Jason and Molly to talk about their love stories. They talked about their experiences getting married on TV! The newest "Bachelor" Joey spoke with Charity about his upcoming journey and she told him she is so excited for him. They seem to be in a good place post-breakup with each other. Kathy told Joey that if her daughter weren't happily married she'd want him as her son-in-law. OK, I don't know about viewers but I've had enough of pre-show and am ready for the main event!

But, before we could get to the wedding, we got to watch Gerry and Theresa do their wedding planning. They met with wedding planner Mindy Weiss at the resort. She walked them through the different place settings, flower arrangements, candles, and even a signature cocktail. One of their favorite things to try out was the wedding cake samples!

Jesse showed off Natascha from Gerry's season who shared some inspiring words about getting out and living, and then Charity spoke with Edith and fan-favorite Joan. Then April and Kathy called Wells over because he's the bartender. They had a "one headlight" and "the final rose." They used those drinks to toast Gerry and Theresa and to wish that they would not be single next year and have their own love stories soon!

Back to the planning, we saw Theresa pick out her wedding gown at Badgley Mischka! Kathy and Susan joined Theresa and Gerry's daughters to help her say yes to the dress! Neil Lane, meanwhile, helped Gerry pick out their wedding bands. "No more tears now, right?" he joked with Gerry. "Only happy ones!"

Theresa looked stunning in all of the gowns but found one that made everyone cry! She was finally getting her dream come true wedding. Is anyone else stunned at how Kathy and Theresa went from foes to friends? Gerry says they have a connection with the women from the season like they are family. So, they asked Susan if they would officiate their wedding! She cried tears of joy at being asked to do the honors.

Braydon and Christina Mandrell were there and his earrings were insane. They were HUGE! But they looked cute together. He's going to move in with her in Tennessee! Wow! Things are moving along quickly for her. In true "Bachelor" fashion, he proposed to her! Proposing at someone else's wedding - tacky? Or is this allowed because it's like the more the merrier when it comes to proposals and weddings in "Bachelor Nation?" The crowd at the wedding went wild! Christina said "Yes!" There will be a lot of earrings in their house between Braydon, Christina, and her daughter.

Then we got a look at Theresa's bachelorette party! Jesse Palmer warned that people should have their children leave the room, ha! Sandra was there so you knew it was going to get crazy! Also, there was Susan, Ellen, and Faith. Photographer Jen Williams was there to do a boudoir session for them all! They looked beautiful and got some amazing photos. But, that's not all - some handsome men from Chippendales were there to do some sexy dances for the ladies. "They have tight butts," Faith gushed before saying, "I sound like a predator!"

Sandra showed off her "escort" one of the Chippendales dancers to the wedding! Jesse told him to try to keep his clothes on through the ceremony. Ashely I. and Jared were there enjoying a kid-free night out.

The night before their wedding, Gerry and Theresa talked about how fortunate they were to have found each other. Theresa said while it's beautiful there, she would marry him in a basement just like she did her first husband, Billy. Gerry was so touched. They also talked about how it was the last night they would ever have to go home to an empty house, they now had each other. "Tonight is the last night I want to spend away from Gerry," Theresa said.

Finally, it was time for the main event. A string orchestra played as the guests waited in their seats. Gerry walked toward the front to take his place next to the officiant, Susan. He did some deep breathing as he watched her grandsons walk down the aisle and the little one serve as a ring bearer. Gerry's daughters and granddaughters looked beautiful as bridesmaids as did Jen as her mom's matron of honor.

Then there was an awkward commercial break as we saw Theresa prepare to walk down the aisle. Susan asked the crowd to rise for the bride and then Theresa made her grand entrance as her son walked her down the aisle. Gerry immediately started crying. "You weren't kidding the way she looks at you," Susan said to Gerry. So sweet! She said, I stepped out of the limo and said, "Gerry, I'm going to marry you... turns out I was right!" Ha! Technically, Susan is correct. "Never have I married a couple that I watched fall so deeply in love, and they are so perfect together," Susan said.

Susan then invited Jenny and Angie to talk and they talked about how proud they were of their father and that they are grateful that Theresa is joining their family. They added they think her family is "pretty cool, too!" They were scared to send their dad on the journey as "The Golden Bachelor" but said they had nothing to worry about because Theresa was there for him the whole time.

Jen spoke about her mom Theresa and how she can't believe this situation, which was meant to be, is real life. She found her person to go to Italy and Gerry has someone to watch sunsets with. "Mom put him first," Jen said. "Please take me to Italy with you," she joked at the end. They really do have amazing families!

Gerry and Theresa got married during "The Golden Wedding" live on ABC.

Theresa said, "I went on 'The Golden Bachelor' hoping to meet the man of my dreams but I didn't think it would actually happen." She said that she felt like she had known him her whole life. "I witnessed you being the most sensitive and kind human being" a man of integrity, she added. She talked about their love of family and how they now have more people to share that with. "I love you with all my heart and I cannot wait to be your wife," Theresa said.

"When I think of all the decisions we have made to be here tonight, I know that the hand of God and winds of faith have ordained this moment," Gerry said in his vows. "I've learned that you keep me calm with the touch of your hand," he said. He loves her strength and independence. "I promise that if you are my partner in life I will make you the happiest woman on Earth," Gerry said. "We have a trust that cannot be broken," he added, then joked to keep track of her reading glasses. "You have my heart, and I have yours."

Henry brought up the rings and Susan struggled to get the bows off that were tying them to the pillow. Gerry assisted and then Susan continued with the ceremony. They exchanged rings, then gazed into each other's eyes as they took in the moment, and then Susan announced that they were husband and wife and they shared a kiss through happy tears! They are so cute together! They walked down the aisle holding hands and waving to their friends and family in their first moments as a married couple.

After the wedding, Zach Shallcross and Kaity Biggar attended and were very happy to share that they are enjoying their lives together. Dotun and Charity shared that they would be getting married in the fall of 2025! Stay tuned!

Ben and Leslie kicked things off on the dance floor and there were a lot of "Bachelor Nation" favorites having a great time.

After a commercial break, Gerry and Theresa made their big entrance. Jesse organized the bouquet toss and Theresa launched it in the air. Joan, Anna, and Kathy all got a piece of it. The band stayed "Don't Stop Believing" as Theresa and Gerry started to dance! Jesse wrapped up the saying, "It's never too late to find love," and promised that Joey's journey as "The Bachelor" would be very emotional and we hadn't seen anything yet. He then said, "I've got to get out of here because I'm about to be a dad. Emely, I love you, I'm coming home right now! Good night Bachelor Nation!" Wow! What an end to an amazing night! Congratulations to the happy couple. We'll all be awaiting news on Baby Palmer!

You can watch "The Bachelor" on January 22 on ABC.