Bullard softball players organize cleat drop-off for Ghana Shock

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- "My name is Eva, and I play for the Ghana Shock team. We need helmets."

Ghana Shock is the first girl's softball team in Ghana. The team's mission is to spread softball to girls in schools and towns.

India Zepeda and her father, Fred, came across the team on Twitter last week.

"For me on my perspective, it came from a dad to daughter deal, just saying, 'Hey be grateful for what you have.'" You get Nike shoes and a $350 bag, these girls have nothing, so that was my message to my daughter. But for her, it was something totally different."

"I've been playing this my whole life," India said. "What it's done for me and my teammates, just to think that kids aren't going to get the same experience as me makes me sad, so I wanted to do something to help them out."

India initially tried to raise 12 pairs of cleats to send to Ghana Shock. After posting her idea on social media, she has received an outpouring of support, including a classmate whose mother is from Ghana.
"Her name's Daretha, she saw my Instagram story, she asked me what my intention was," India said. "She told me that her mom was from Ghana, she was born and raised there. I actually talked to her mom on the phone, thanking me a lot for helping Ghana."

India's teammate, Jazzy Castaneda, helped her collect equipment Sunday morning.

"For India to have this idea in the first place, it's important that we stick together, especially in a time like this," Castaneda said. "I've been playing for 10 years and to see them not have cleats, I wanted to help out."

Fresno State softball player Hailey Dolcini hopes to donate items in the future. Merced native and USA softball player Bubba Nickles has also reached out about donating.

"We're still waiting for people who want to send from out of town before we ship it out," India said. "I'll be willing to still collect stuff; people can contact me and I can pick it up from there house."

Kerman's new head football coach Dejon Kelly brought 10 brand new pairs of cleats and softballs donated by the Lions program. Hoover High softball coach Andrew Bryant also wanted to help out.

"Catchers gear, pitcher's mound, cleats, helmets, all the accessories," Bryant said. "I'm proud of her right now. With everything going on, we need some good in the world."

Fred sent a video of their packed track to Ghana Shock's head softball coach and they plan to have a video call with the team soon.
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