TV spoof of 'Ghostbusters' filming in the Central Valley

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- While a surge in COVID cases has upended the film and TV industry, you can find production rolling in the Central Valley.

"Hollywood can be anywhere," says Noel G. "It can be on Gilligan's or the space station, so that's the great thing about Hollywood."

Known for his roles in blockbuster hits "Fast & the Furious" and "Training Day," Noel G is taking his cues for the soon to be TV hit, "GhettoBusters."

A Falcon Productions creation dreamed up by Valley natives Freddy Falcon and Danny Sauceda.

"We can go to Hollywood or bring Hollywood to us," says Freddy Falcon.

"I think that's awesome, especially when you're from here and you get to do something here," G said.

"We stay quarantined to stay safe but other than that, the people have been so gracious to us here," says Ryan Ochoa.

The show may face challenges because of the pandemic, but it won't feature it as they want to give people a reason to laugh.

"The adventures of goofballs who try to rescue their home from ghettoness," Falcon said.

As for how they keep production on schedule...

"For us, this is a film family, so just like your regular family, you want to make sure everyone is taken care of and safe," says Executive Producer Danny Sauceda.

COVID compliance means daily health screenings, including temperature checks.

"Everyone is in different areas," Sauceda said. "We have camera crews, light crews, everyone works in shifts."

While the show isn't set in the Central Valley, you're sure to recognize Fresno and Madera locations like Tesoro Viejo and Backstreet Grill.

Filming for the first season is underway, and they're in talks with several networks as well as Netflix, hoping to release the series by this summer.
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