Golden State Killer victims describe pain, perseverance ahead of Friday sentencing

Two years after his arrest, the case of the infamous Golden State Killer is drawing to a conclusion.

This week, victims are getting the opportunity to tell the now 74-year-old Joseph DeAngelo and the world how he changed their lives forever.

DeAngelo sat in silence on Wednesday as more of his victims described the long-lasting pain they've endured as a result of his violent acts.

"I encountered pure evil when you awakened me and thrust me into a nightmare of fear and violence," one victim said. "I believed with every fiber of my being that the night would end in my death. Well, I survived, but the nightmare that began that night has never ended. I was terrorized, raped, and threatened in the most horrific and intimately personal of ways that night."

The emotional testimony comes just weeks after those victims watched DeAngelo plead guilty and admit to dozens of charged and uncharged crimes throughout the state of California in the 1970s and 80's-including murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, rape, and robbery.

The horrific crimes earned DeAngelo the titles of Visalia Ransacker, East Area Rapist, and Original Night Stalker.

Some victims spoke on their own on Wednesday. Other statements were read by attorneys or their advocates.

Despite their unimaginable pain, they say they've persevered and consider themselves survivors.

"You left me blindfolded but today, my eyes are wide open and I see you for the monster that you are," another victim said. "You took my driver's license, but you did not take my identity. You took jewelry from me, but you did not take anything of real value. You did not take my resilience. You did not take my strength, my family, or my friends. You left me broken and alone, but here I stand."

"I'm sure that those hours in October did not define me or my family, but it did change us, our view of the world, and a deep realization of what evil the human spirit is capable of," said a Contra Costa County attorney, speaking on behalf of a victim.

Visalia's Elizabeth Hupp will give her victim impact statement in Sacramento on Thursday morning.

Last month, DeAngelo, a former Exeter Police Officer, admitted to her attempted kidnapping and the murder of her father Claude Snelling in 1975.

On Friday morning, DeAngelo will be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.
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