Granite Park developer seeks additional commitment from city

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Acres of green are now growing adjacent to the baseball fields at Granite Park. Developer Terence Frazier is transforming the 20 acres into a sports destination.

" I'm putting in the grass for the soccer fields we are going to have like 8 to 12 soccer fields but the best part about it is we cleaned up all dirt fields. "

Frazier has rebuilt the baseball stadiums and in the past two years and believes he has brought the long idled park back to life.

"We had about 3 hundred thousand visitors. The softball people have embraced Granite Park, soccer is gonna embrace Granite Park, now we have teams coming from the bay area, from Bakersfield. "

The city of Fresno spent nearly 6 million dollars taking over a bad loan on this property. Then for 8 years they spent about 180 thousand dollars a year just to keep it boarded up. Terence Frazier came in, spent two million dollars of his own money and asked the city for 150 thousand dollar a year contribution to keep the place open. Frazier is now asking the city for another 150 thousand dollars a year to cover the unforeseen expenses out here. The city has responded by deciding to audit him.

"The administration is obviously taking a look at Granite Park and doing a financial analysis and I'm sure we will have some information about that."

City Council Member Garry Bredefeld's comments came at Thursdays council meeting in response to accusations by a Fresno resident, Sammy Franco, who complained Frazier hasn't fulfilled the terms of his Granite Park contract with the city. Franco is involved in a legal dispute with Frazier over a restaurant investment in north Fresno. Council member Paul Caprioglio came to Fraziers defense.

" Unfortunately we had a total disrepair and failure quite frankly, so, to have the management at Granite Park now is phenomenal for me, seeing what it was, what it became and what it is becoming now."

Frazier acknowledges he is seeking adjustments to the contract with the city. He says he is cooperating with the audit, and will keep the park going if the city doesn't agree to increase its share of the deal.

" So they have the right to say yes, they have the right to say no, but I know I need a litlte bit more help. thats not to say if they say no the park is still gonna go, I've made a commitment to the city I'm gonna bring Granite Park back and put Fresno on the map for our parks. "

A city spokesman says the audit will be wrapped up in the near future. Frazier says the soccer fields will be ready once the grass has taken hold.
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