ABC11 gets rare look inside Guantanamo Bay, where NC troops are assigned to work security

Thursday, April 18, 2019
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"This was closing for eight years then it was kind of a hold what you got."

CUBA -- For years, Guantanamo Bay Detention Center was set to lock up and close down. But it's the confusion over President Donald Trump's order to keep it open that keeps the facility locked out of funding.

"This was closing for eight years then it was kind of a hold what you got. And now it's like who knows what's going to happen. So a lot of our facilities are in bad condition so we've looked at a few things. We've asked for a few facilities in the president's budget. We have a plan."

ABC11 got a rare look inside the detention camp, housing America's most dangerous criminals.

ABC11's Morgan Norwood traveled with North Carolina troops who are assigned to working security at the camp for detainees accused of war crimes and terrorism.

She was first taken to camps 5 and 6 -- the maximum security facility where inmates moved freely inside one of the cell blocks.

Over in the cell blocks, there were stained ceilings from where violent inmates splashed guards.

"Bodily fluids, vomit, feces, rotten milk, they'll put it in a bottle and splash it to you," said Admiral Ring.

To protect themselves, the facility built a splash box to minimize interaction.

Over in the medical wing, cell blocks were turned into clinics to address an aging population with medical needs.

That's all while Gitmo waits for funding for needs of its own.

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