2-year-old accidentally shot, killed pregnant mom with family gun: Police

BySteven Hernandez, WOIO
Wednesday, June 21, 2023
Pregnant woman killed after toddler accidentally shoots gun
The expecting mom was rushed to the hospital after a frantic 911 call.

NORWALK, Ohio -- An unspeakable tragedy is unfolding in Ohio.

Police in Norwalk, a city west of Cleveland, say a 2-year-old boy shot and killed his pregnant mother, WOIO reported.

This happened last week, and investigators are now piecing together how the toddler got his hands on the family's gun and fired it.

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The Norwalk Police got a 911 call from a frantic father shortly after the incident occurred.

"She called me in hysterics, I couldn't get any information from her, other than something about my son and calling 911," said Laura Ilg's husband to police, telling the officers his 2-year-old son shot his wife.

It all played out at their home last Friday.

"This is very rare," said Norwalk Police Chief David Smith.

The chief said the young boy accidentally got ahold of the gun and Ilg was hit in the back.

She was 33 weeks pregnant.

The expecting mom was rushed to the hospital, but police say her baby died after an emergency procedure.

"An emergency C-section was done at the hospital at the time she arrived, and the unborn child passed away," Smith said.

Ilg was also pronounced dead.

Police say the 2-year-old is with his father and the investigation is still ongoing.

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"Everything in the investigation indicates that this was a tragic mistake," said Smith. "The gun was left out but shouldn't have been accessible to the child, but apparently she didn't know he was in the room at the time."

As the investigation continues, officers hope no other families ever have to deal with something like this.

"I couldn't envision it happening the first time."

Chief Smith said the house was full of safety features with an extensive amount of protections in place like baby gates, but on the day of the shooting, the baby gates that were usually closed were left open.