The Gypsy Joynt is the grooviest place you'll ever eat!

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Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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From the fun, eclectic menu to the hippie-chic decor, Gypsy Joynt is one of the grooviest places you'll ever dine!

GALVESTON, Texas -- When you walk through the front door of the Gypsy Joynt, you cant help but feel at home.

The family-run restaurant is known for homestyle cooking with a funky vibe. From shawls hung over the windows and beads from the ceiling, the fun eatery in Galveston, Texas is known for being eclectic.

The Weller family first opened the Gypsy Joynt on Galveston Island in 2016, and it was named the city's restaurant of the year in 2017.

The whimsical menu is huge, with everything from burgers to hot dogs, pizza and sandwiches. Where else can you get a Unicorn Dog, topped with barbecue sauce, mac and cheese and Fruity Pebbles - or a Sleazy Mac & Cheese made with crawfish, bacon, asparagus and jalapenos?

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