Sensory Rock gym expands in Hanford

HANFORD, Calif. (KFSN) -- Two-year-old Calvin Bakker of Tulare has a smile that can light up a room.

"He's a handful. He's so sweet. He's so friendly. He was diagnosed at 15 months with cerebral palsy," said Elyse Bakker, Calvin's mother.

She says she had to look for unique therapies to help him grow.

Recently, she turned to Sensory Rock and its new music therapy program.

"Using music to address maybe speech, auditory processing issues, with mobility, increase range of function. My preference is to utilize live music because there's so many needs that can be addressed with the action," said Trysha Lucero.

Lucero teaches music therapy across Central California but wanted to offer her hand in the South Valley.

Sensory Rock is an open exploration space for young kids who get a chance to play, go to classes or do therapies all under one roof.

"I wanted to create an experience for the community that children could be understood without having to explain it, and that's what started sensory rock," said Sheri Tos, owner of Sensory Rock.

The business opened during the pandemic. They've recently expanded with music and their Neurorocketeer program, which helps retrain the brain in reading and comprehension.

As for the bakers, they travel as far away as Bakersfield and Fresno for care. They're glad they can stay closer to home and let Calvin thrive in a fun environment.

My dream is that he's just a happy kid. A happy person, and I hope that he can be accepted for who he is, and I hope he can accept himself for who he is. I just want to give him every opportunity possible for a good life," Bakker said.

Sensory Rock is for kids 0-14. They're open five days a week.

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