Local dentist offers kids free dental varnish to keep "scary" cavities at bay

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- As your kids get ready for trick-or-treating Saturday night, the real scare might come by December. That's when Valley dentists start to see cavities that developed after too much candy eating.

Dr. Catherine Lambetecchio of Fresno is so determined to help kids avoid cavities from candy she's offering dental varnishing to kids for free, for a week after Halloween. Dental varnish is a protective coating of fluoride and calcium around the teeth to prevent decay.

11-year-old Paris Todd is happy to sit in the dentist's chair for the treatment now, to avoid sitting there later with a cavity. "At first, it tickled me, and it just feels like strawberry gum, and I like that taste, so that's good."

Dr. Lambetecchio also encourages her patients and their families to steer clear of a certain sweet treat. "There's like sticky, ooey, gooey candies that stick to people's dental work and pull off crowns and kids come with broken fillings and very bad decay."

Patients also get ideas for alternative treats, such as Halloween themed fruit skewers, a not-so scary beverage. Like a green monster drink which is made with spinach and kale.

The doctor knows candy will be eaten and encourages parents to choose chocolate instead of the sticky stuff and limit the amount.

Dentists like Dr. Lambetecchio are telling parents, let your kids eat candy for only a day or two after trick-or-treating. That way the sugar exposure is quick and not extended over a long period of time.

Paris' mom, Monique, follows that advice and adds at little Halloween trick of her own. "I let them eat three pieces and then a week into it, I say the ants got it, so that's my trick for the sugar disappearing."

Setting limits on the sweet treats helps to avoid a scary trip to the dentist after Halloween.
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