New microblading technique provides long term eyebrow results, beauty experts say to be cautious

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Women across the Central Valley are putting down the eyebrow pencils for a semi-permanent look of their choice. (KFSN)

You too can have the eyebrows you've always wanted-- women across the Central Valley are putting down the eyebrow pencils for a semi-permanent look of their choice.

"I'm kind of just looking for a natural, natural look," said Amy who wants to wake up and have one less thing to do before she starts her day. So she went to Brow Haven in North Fresno and Jaime Harlan.

The procedure requires precise measurements and a lot of discussion and decision making. Color is key, along with shape, size, and goal. Harlan has seen and created thousands of brows, and she can pick bad ones out of a crowd.

"There's a lot of work where the strokes will blur out. Too high, too low. Too large."

Marissa Watts of Lemoore has decided to pick up the needled hand tool and become a microblading technician. Over three full days, she's learning the safety rules and hands-on techniques of the trade. But her multi-day training is not a mandatory requirement to enter the field.

When looking to get microblading, consider who is doing the procedure, what training they have, and portfolio examples.

Kelli Torrence of Forever Adored said you should do some research on your own. "Don't be afraid to ask who they got certified by, how long ago did they get certified? That's really important that they've been accredited and trained by somebody who is qualified to train."

Real results appear after the brow has healed. Both Harlan and Torrence agree the best deal isn't always the best idea.

"This is definitely something that you don't want to base solely on the price. When you see somebody's portfolio, your gonna know if the work is worth the price tag that they are asking for. If you know that microblading goes for $500 in your area, but somebody's offering it for $200, you need to ask yourself why are they only charging $200?"

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Women across the Central Valley are putting down the eyebrow pencils for a semi-permanent look of their choice.

In most cases, customers leave looking good, but the real test is after the brow has healed.

In rare cases, some customers have results they want to hide. A woman from Detroit, Michigan walked out of a microblading salon initially pleased with the results and price she paid, less than $300.

But then her brows turned red and started to swell. She ended up spending three days in the hospital.

"When they admitted me, they put me on an IV bag with an antibiotic, and then the next morning they put me on steroids."

Other bad brow jobs have left scars from technicians applying too much pressure.

The popularity of microblading and the money-making potential has many untrained and unqualified technicians trying their hand at the trade.

"Unfortunately, what's happening in the industry right now is microblading has blown up so much and so quickly, that anybody thinks they can go take a class and come back and teach somebody to do it," said Torrence.

Most customers want the best deal, but Jamie and Kelli agree, based on rates in the Central Valley, if it's less than about $400, it should raise a few eyebrows.

The procedure isn't considered dangerous but can be without sanitary precautions, proper color application, and aftercare.

Those considering microblading may also want to remember this: it's hard and expensive to correct botched brows.
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