Valley doctor created app to give patients VIP access

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Fresno doctor is trying to help patients get medical help faster.

Fresno resident Stephanie Maly is catching up with her doctor in person, but lately, she's been using her phone to stay connected through an app called Trebow.

"It is a time saver because you don't have time to take a day off to go to the doctor for a sinus infection, it's not even worth it," said Stephanie Maly of Fresno.

Dr. Greg Copeland is the founder of Trebow.

"It's going straight from the patient's cell phone to the doctor's pocket. So if I get a message throughout the day, I'm answering messages as I see patients in the office giving that patient a priority feeling, a VIP feeling. Their issues aren't waiting at the bottom of a voicemail or a fax machine somewhere," said Greg Copeland, doctor, and Trebow founder.

Copeland showed us how it works. A patient downloads the app and can communicate with their team of doctors and physicians.

He says they've taken steps to protect privacy and doesn't store data on your phone.

"This is encrypted technology. There is no phone number needed. It's app to app encrypted technology," Copeland.

At Copeland medical health care clinic, about 200 people have signed up for the service.

Sunny Abarbanell is one of the patients using Trebow.

"If I have a question about a diagnosis or a request for a prescription or need a referral, done. Immediately done," said Sunny Abarbanell of Fresno.

The monthly fee ranges at different practices, but costs around $25 at Copeland Medical group.

So far 65 doctors or specialists use the Trebow app here in the Valley. Dr. Copeland hopes to reach more providers around the country in the future.
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