Harmful algae bloom at Hensley Lake

MADERA COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board recently discovered a harmful algae bloom at Hensley Lake.

The report comes after the California State Water Resources Control Board sampled several of the state's most visited lakes.

The algae bloom can produce toxins that could be harmful to people and pets.

Visitors to the lake, however, say they're not worried, but are being careful not to swallow water.

"The Army Corps of Engineers take care of this lake really well, so we are never really concerned," said Darlene Floriano. "If they would've thought it was too bad, they would say do not go in, so we are not that worried."

Along with a green film on the water, other signs of algae blooms are a foul odor, and dead plants or fish.
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