Clovis couple jumps from plane, sets world record

This love story started years ago, long before this record-breaking jump.
CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Bill Hulsey and Dona Jones have built a relationship in the sky. They fall together and they fly together.

"Even though it's just a hobby for us, it keeps us alive, and it keeps it exhilarating," said Jones.

Hulsey is an electrician by trade, but he teaches people how to skydive. In fact, that's how he met Jones -- eight years ago. It was love at first flight.

"When you're part of the sky, it calls you. You have to keep going back," said Hulsey.

Last week they were called to Ottawa, Ill., to help set a world record for the largest vertical skydive formation -- 164 people, falling out of seven planes, head first while holding hands. It took five days and 13 jumps to get it right. Each jump was a mental and physical drain.

"No matter if you're tired, you're hungry, you're thirsty, you're shivering, you're freezing, you're gonna make sure you put it all together when the door opens," said Jones.

On this jump, Jones and Hulsey were on opposite sides but part of a bigger picture -- a flower, held together for just a few seconds above the earth.

"This one though, when we got it, I saw everyone come together, I knew it," said Hulsey.

Back at home sitting side by side, the adrenaline is still running high for the two people who fell in love falling from planes.

"Is that the glue in the relationship?" Action News asked the couple.

"It's part of it," said Hulsey.

"It's part of it. I think he's pretty cute," added Jones.

Jones and Hulsey have helped set several records. This weekend, Jones was actually involved with two, and they have plans to break the vertical formation record in three years.
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